Whippet - a firm favourite, spawned from a joke developed in all seriousness.

Named for something we love

Named for something we love

To be honest, at The GBC we love Whippets as much as we love beer. We have a resident sight hound and we were challenged to create something that reflected her character.

We went for something light, soft and easy to like. Something with mild fizz, a brilliant hue and with noble character. 

It's  a Blonde Beer, ergo pale in colour & light of body, its clear, crisp with a low to medium hop bitterness. Late hopped with Belgian Saaz to give it a nice lemony aroma that complements the slight dry biscuity finish.

Ingredients:- English Pale Malt, Vienna Malt, Wheat, Hops, Yorkshire Water, Yeast

4.5% ABV best served cold

Frickin’ Awesome
— David C