Saaz - Premier Cru, so called because it is the first among many.

Who's the Daddy?

Who's the Daddy?

Premier Cru refers to first growth and the initial batches of this delightful little gem were made with Saaz hops we grew ourselves. 

The grandiose title seems appropriate to a classic lager whose inspiration originates from a city with a mixed french & german heritage, and that uses "the daddy" of noble hops - the mighty Saaz.

As with its sister beer Mayhem, it is a bright pale Kolsch style lager, made with Yorkshire Pale Malts, Vienna malt and a little wheat. Its hopped using Saaz Hops - the esteemed and much honoured strain of hops that dominate the Pilsn region of Bohemia, and have had contributed so much to defining european beer styles.

Aromatic with a delicate spicy bitterness it complements the slight malt sweetness from the Vienna malt to deliver a classic lager style beer. 

Pale in colour, with small tight bubbles, a rocky snow white head and a soft mouth feel

It's the daddy, we know it, Saaz  knows it and if you don't it will happily show you the truth of the matter

Ingredients:- English Pale Malt, Vienna Malt, Wheat, Hops, Yorkshire Water, Yeast

4.5% ABV best served cold