Dark, brooding and different - a malt driven lager for those seeking an alternative

Scharwzbier (Black beer) one of the oldest recorded german beers, first appearing on record 1390. Our history with this beverage does not go as far back, we discovered it in Berlin, in 2001, where we spent 3 days drinking it in litre steins. We developed an immediate love of it, but as part of the research we wished to test if if it would go the distance and only after 3 days of non stop consumption did we a little tired of it.

Perle is a black lager - its malt driven using rich dark european malts and Munich malts to delver a dark brew with a tan head, slight malty sweetness and the dark coffee flavours one expects from roasted malts.

We use only de-husked malts to enable us to achieve the flavour and colour without the astringency one can get using English Chocolate malts.

The beer is hopped primarily with Perle and a little Tettnanger hops to provide a clean and subtle bitterness that compliments the malts whilst avoiding centre stage.

Its an ideal beer for those who like dark beers and are seeking the refreshment of lager or simply something that is less hop driven.