This Hoppy juice just is possibly Hoppier than the Hopocalypse will be..

Mosaic is a blonde beer in the same style as Whippet. Its pale with a low bitterness as you'd expect from a blonde. Its dry and biscuity, but late hopped with Mosaic Hops which deliver the majority of the flavours.

mosaic web.png

Mosaic provide a very complex hop aroma complimented by a clean bitterness, delivering a unique profile rich in mango, lemon, citrus, earthy pine, tropical fruit, herbal and stone fruit notes.

They were introduced to the UK by some associates of mine, John & Patsy. They nearly weren't as John's import method was to stick a bale under his arm on his way back from the USA. Being an upstanding member of the community John failed to understand the misgivings of border controls when a chap attempts to board a plain with 5KGs of herbal matter that has a strong "catty aroma" in its raw state- luckily the US border controls were able to establish quite quickly that he wasn't the worlds worst smuggler, thank the stars