We  all need a bit of Mayhem in our lives, it makes you feel alive.

A truly civilised beverage

A truly civilised beverage

Mayhem is fantastic for beer lovers and for those whom want an introduction to a "real ale" that's different to the norm.

It'a "proper beer", made using only hops, water, malt & yeast. 

The hops used are the renowned noble hop - Hallertau Herbsrucker a classic bavarian hop, from one of the oddest strains of hop from the oldest continuous hop growing area in the world - hence noble !

Hallertau is synonymous with lagers due to its excellent flavour and dry spicy finish.

To do this hop justice we have paired it with Lager Malts, some Vienna Malt to balance the hops with a slight malty sweetness  and a Kolsch yeast to create fine example of a european style lager beer.

Pale in colour, with small tight bubbles, a rocky snow white head and a soft mouth feel

Its simple, elegant and understated it goes with anything and everything

Ingredients:- English Pale Malt, Vienna Malt, Wheat, Hops, Yorkshire Water, Yeast

4.5% ABV best served cold